There’s a myriad of reasons why you may want a dog. A very easy answer would be companionship. You want a dog to help you get up and start your day, run with you on your early morning jog, play with your kids and grandkids during the day, walk with you in parks or malls, spend relaxing evenings watching TV, and ultimately cuddle with as you doze off.


                Others want a smart dog to work out intensely with. Some want dogs that help them get rid of pesky rodents and stray cats invading their backyards. Or sometimes they just want a “household dog,” a pet that can tolerate being alone, perfect for novice owners. Whatever your reasons are, there might be no better alternative than a Jack Russell Terrier. Here we enumerate 3 of the most pressing reasons why a Jack Russell Terrier just might be the best breed for you.


1. Friendly, Sociable Watchdog. Is this even possible? Ask the usual dog owner and a dog can only be either of the two – friendly & sociable, or an effective watchdog. Jack Russell Terriers are extremely friendly. They are affectionate with their owners and their families. They are considered the most kid-friendly breed, and it’s not uncommon to see little kids having Jack Russells as their first try at a dog.


This friendliness is what usually shuns off people who want a watchdog that can bark violently at strangers and guard your house at night. However, Jack Russell Terriers prove that they can play the role of an aggressive, protective and energetic protector of your home.


This trait can be traced back to the early 19th century, when an English reverend named John Russell (hence the name of the breed) needed a hunting dog. He found his dog, named it Trump, and soon wanted to breed similar dogs. The end of World War II saw less and less the need of hunting dogs, changing the role of Jack Russell Terriers from hunters to housemates.

2. Energy, Energy, Energy! Forget the Energizer Bunny; Jack Russell Terriers are the Energizer Puppies! Living up to fifteen years, these small but super hyper dogs can help get their owners’ health back in good condition. The dogs are ideal companions for light jogs or high octane activities such as Flyball or agility.


Needless to say, Jack Russell Terriers require regular exercise. Aside from healthy food, these dogs should have an outlet for their overflowing energy. Despite their small stature, they can keep up with their owners, and they won’t mind playing with your kids even after an entire day of exercise!

3. Brains to go with the Brawn. We’ve talked about how energetic and playful Jack Russell Terriers are. As it turns out, their seemingly unlimited source of energy is well complemented with high intelligence. These dogs don’t just play well with kids or guard homes well.


They can also be trained for more complicated things – let’s say, appearing in movies and TV commercials. Uggie was perhaps the most famous dog who ever came out of the big screen. He appeared in Water for Elephants and The Artist. His on screen story was immortalized by a memoir dedicated to him, entitled Uggie, My Story.


Jack Russell Terriers are fun, playful, energetic, and such a joy to be with. More than this sociable trait comes an uncanny instinct to protect its owners and their properties. To top it all off, these dogs possess an intelligence that is hard to compete with.


If you’re looking for a dog that’s a little easier to take care of, and can get along with your family’s indoor and outdoor activities, then yes, the Jack Russell Terrier just might be the best breed for you!

*Photo by vectorolie, freedigitalphotos.net