You and your family are so happy.  You have just gotten a JRT puppy, or maybe you rescued an older JRT from the pound.  You bring your newest family member home, and begin the process of settling them into the family routine.  But what you didn't think of, is just like babies who are experiencing and learning the world around them, JRT's will get into everything.  They are naturally extremely curious animals, and it is at this time you start thinking maybe you should JRT proof your home.

But, how would you do that?

JRT proofing your home is very much like child-proofing it for a walking curious toddler.  A determined JRT can get to anything it wants, in time, so you need to protect them against themselves by making sure that they stay out of where they really don't belong.

Below are some useful ways to JRT proof your home:

jrt proofing your home

Child proof latches work for more than just children.  Placed towards the top of the cabinet door, once installed, your JRT will not be getting into that cabinet again, unless you let them in.  They will probably try again and again at first, but after a while, they will realize that it is useless, and move one.   I know that this would have worked great when my oldest JRT was younger.  She had the uncanny knack of using her paw, and opening any cabinet door she could reach.  She was always an inquisitive sort, and exploring new areas gave her much enjoyment.  There were many a times I would walk into a room, a cabinet door be open, and know that she had been there.

Make sure any garbage cans are either locked in a cabinet, or have lids on them.  Most people do not think of this until they come home to a kitchen with garbage strewn all over the floor, and a guilty looking JRT in the mix.  Not only do you have a mess to clean up with the garbage, but you very well may have a mess of another kind to clean up as well.  Most human garbage, when consumed by a JRT, can pose major gastrointestinal problems, as well as be life threatening.  So, make sure your garbage is safe, secure, and out of your JRT's reach.

Make sure to close off or block off any places that may be accessible to your JRT, that they just do not need to go.  Places such as behind the washer and dryer, behind the stove, or maybe behind the refrigerator.  Make sure that all the vents in the floors have covers, and that any holes in the floor are covered as well.  These are not places that your JRT would ever need to be, and if caught there, they could do harm to themselves.  Preventing them from going there to begin with is the best idea.

Use of a child's gate or simply closing a door to block off rooms or areas where your JRT should not be unsupervised is a great idea.  I use this idea myself, and have since the girls were puppies.  By limiting their area to roam, there is less chance that they might get into something they shouldn't.  It is much easier to keep an eye on them, if they are made to stay close and in eyesight and earshot.
Besides, unless you are with them what do they really need to be in, say, the bedroom or even the bathroom for without you?

Make sure that anything, and I mean anything, that your JRT might get hold of, that can hurt them, is put up to a safe level.   This could include, but not be limited to toys and games that the kids may have lying around, that contain small or sharp pieces that your JRT could swallow or cut their mouths on.  Also, any electrical wires or cords running along the floor, should be put as far up as possible, to prevent your JRT from thinking of chewing on them.

Lastly, when you are not home, it is best to crate your JRT.  If crating is not and option, then designate a small room or area in a room, complete with water, bed, and crew toys.  This will provide your JRT with the needed sense of security, and you the assurance that while you are gone, your JRT will not be "renovating" your home, or causing themselves deadly harm.

So, JRT proofing your home is much like proofing your home for a toddler.  As long as you make sure you keep all items that can cause harm out of your JRT's reach, and keep an eye and ear on them, then you should all be able to live at peace, in harmony, and worry free.





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