He's hot. He's sexy. He's pure-bred. Moose, the Jack Russell Terrier, had a net worth of $3.2 million!

Moose is most famous for his role as Eddie on the long-running television sitcom Frasier. where he earned around $10,000 per episode. And that's not all. Apparently, Moose received more fan mails than any of his human co-stars on the show. Playing the role of Eddie, a feisty Jack Russell terrier, Moose stole the show.

This talented JRT was born in Florida on Christmas Eve, 1990. He was the youngest yet the biggest puppy in the litter. 

In his early years. Moose was too much to handle. He was always getting into trouble. He chased cats, climbed trees,  barked a lot, and destroyed things. He was always finding a way to escape, run away, and ruin property. One time, he escaped and chased the neighbor's horses. Another time, he got out and killed a neighbor's cat. That was the last straw. His owners eventually surrendered.

Lucky for this terrier, he ended up with Mathilde Halberg, a Los Angeles dog trainer who worked for a show-business animal company. She rescued him in the early 1990s, saving him from the pound (or worse). That’s when everything changed.

Mathilde focused the training based on Moose's energetic natural drives. Slowly, Moose started to calm down. After only six months of training, he was cast on Frasier as retired policeman Marty Crane’s dog.

The actors on Frasier all praised Moose on his professionalism. Mahoney was once quoted as saying the dog was like a robot, who worked hard at learning his part and doing it well.

Moose has numerous television appearances and several magazine covers to his credit. There is an official Moose calendar and an "autobiography", My Life as a Dog, which was written by Brian Hargrove, husband of Frasier actor David Hyde Pierce.

The beloved Moose lived a long and happy life. Moose spent the last six and a half years of his life in retirement in West Los Angeles with son Enzo, their trainer Mathilda DeCagny, her husband Michael Halberg and Jill, the dog from As Good as It Gets. In his last year of life, suffering from dementia and deafness, he retired from TV. He died in 2006 at the age of 16 and a half years old. "He just had an incredible charisma and was a such a free spirit," said his owner Halberg.

Though he may be gone forever, the legacy of this amazing Jack Russell terrier will continue to entertain us for years to come.





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