Not a lot of people know about Prince Charles' love for dogs. He is not only a big fan of dogs, he seems to favor Jack Russell Terriers.  And not just any JRTs, but the English Jack Russell Terriers, which we know as Shorty Jacks.


Shorty Jack Russell Terriers have broad chests, a stocky build, short legs, and are longer than they are tall. They have been bred for hunting anything from rats to badgers since the early 1800's. Breeders took up the challenge to create a short terrier, with the purpose to be able to go in the ground.

The English Jack Russell Terriers have appeared in literature and prints dating back hundreds of years. Their size has made them superior earth dogs. They were not only used to go to ground, but also to keep the rodent population in control on farms and to help eradicate the Bubonic Plague in England.

Among Prince Charles' favorite Jack Russell pet was named Tigga (from Tigger in Winnie the Pooh) who live to be 18 years old. His other favorite was named Pooh.


The Quorn is the largest hunt in England. Prince Charles hunts with his two terriers at the Quorn.






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