Best Remote Dog Training Collar for Jack Russelll Terrier #ecollar


 Training a hyper dog like the Jack Russell can use a little help, the electronic collar has been my favorite for the price and ease of use.

Can be set correct via negative feedback via electrical stick shock, sound or vibration.   I personally like the vibration, enough to give the negative feedback without giving the sting of the electric shock.

Usually during my trainings I like to use high value treats such as freeze dried meats which seem to be my Jack's favorite, but when he has a lot of distractions or  I want to correct a negative behavior like excessive nipping this collar comes in handy.

Nipping is problem especially if you have young children.  The pup thinks they are playing and getting your attention, that's how they play with their peers as they are growing and learning about what is around them.   The vibration for negative feedback is a quick way to control this behavior.  

On the flip side, positive reinforcement training to control or get rid of puppy nipping is when they nip, you quickly grab them by the mouth and say, No and hold for 5 seconds, let go and usually the pup will start licking your hand, when they do, say Yes, and offer a treat.    This will teach them what behavior you want them to have: repeat over and over again.  Dog trainers have stated about 40-50 treats to learn a behavior so keep on going, persistence and consistency is the way to go.

*Best, most cost effective ‪#‎ecollar‬ shopped through Amazon and various pet stores. The most bang for your bucks. Sounds, vibrates, shocks whatever training method you choose. I personally like the vibration mode.
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*Photo by vectorolie,